The Patient

  • Log in to your account.

  • Step (or roll) inside through the ADA compliant door for a virtual visit with a live Nurse Practitioner or Doctor.

  • Have the same conversation you’d have at your regular doctor’s office or clinic.

  • They’ll guide your use of specifically designed FDA cleared diagnostic devices – like modified thermometers and stethoscopes.

  • They’ll make a diagnosis, give you a prescription and/or recommend a course of treatment.
  • The booth self-sanitizes the equipment & booth as a whole between patients.

The Booth

  • Remotely monitored diagnostic tools that are patented, FDA approved and self-sanitizing after each use.

  • Your healthcare provider guides you and can see readings in real time.

  • The cabin is soundproof & self-sanitizing.

  • It is easy for parents with children, wheelchair users and patients who have personal aides.

  • The cabin is connected to the healthcare provider through a proprietary secure, high-speed network that doesn’t require local internet or cellular service.

Rich Diagnostic Capabilities


  • Comfortable & private

  • E-check-in terminal

  • Smartcard storage & control

  • ADA compliant automatic door

  • Air & surface sanitizer
  • Instrument cleaning system
  • Two-way premium video/audio
  • Dirt detection


  • Height, Weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Stethoscope on Patient’s Back
  • Chest Stethoscope
  • Spirometer
  • Thermometer
  • Glucose Monitor
  • Oximeter
  • Derma scope
  • EKG
  • Otoscope

Healthcare Provider

  • The doctor or nurse practitioner can view patient records & real time diagnostic info.

  • They have reliable, high-resolution sound & video with patient.

  • They use the data platform to follow up with a prescription, treatment plan, & reminders.

  • A call center model can pool high-cost resources to serve many cabins very efficiently.

The Platform

ClinicStop’s Integrated end-to-end telemedicine platform includes:

  • Mobile app that includes follow ups, reminders, & ongoing patient communications if needed

  • Cabin check-in terminal for patient identification & payment, as needed

  • Cabin Patented, FDA approved diagnostic equipment designed for self-application with audio & video guidance

  • Secure, real-time data exchange & APIs

  • Healthcare provider view

  • High-speed network for video, audio and data that does not rely on local internet or cellular networks

I am excited to be involved in this next wave of technology to achieve the value that has eluded others so far.
Nancy Gagliano, MD, Chief Medical Advisor, former Chief Medical Officer CVS Minute Clinics
The micro-clinic model makes a lot of sense and creates a sustainable, scalable economic and brand differentiator for strategic partners.
Marc Miller, MD, Advisor, former CMO, The Polyclinic

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