• No appointment needed

  • Fits into your daily routine

  • No drive across town

  • Access important records

  • Get reminders for follow ups, medicine, etc.
  • Better, more consistent care for chronic & minor illnesses


A host is the organization that owns the space where the cabin is placed.

  • Revenue share potential

  • Bring more people to your location more often.

  • Reduce transportation time & costs for employees or residents

  • Improve community health

  • Earn goodwill for providing a valuable service.


  • Exceptional growth opportunity.

  • Improve health outcomes for children, adults & the elderly.

  • Cut costs in the healthcare industry.

I am excited to be involved in this next wave of technology to achieve the value that has eluded others so far.
Nancy Gagliano, MD, Chief Medical Advisor, former Chief Medical Officer CVS Minute Clinics
The micro-clinic model makes a lot of sense and creates a sustainable, scalable economic and brand differentiator for strategic partners.
Marc Miller, MD, Advisor, former CMO, The Polyclinic

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