Our goal is to improve the health, the wellness & the longevity of our communities.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Charlie Nahabedian

Co-founder, CEO, Controller
Charlie has created shareholder value in AT&T and as Co-founder/CEO at Fonetek, a cellphone start-up he sold to LG. He has received two patents and received a national award for “Outstanding Contributions in a Field of Science.” His groups developed the patient touchscreen kiosks at EPCOT which spawned two ventures. He holds a BSEE, MSEE, from Northeastern University and an MBA from Seton Hall University.

Vince Waterson

Co-founder, Chair, VP Marketing
Vince created value by co-founding Hawaii Pacific Teleport, and Subic Bay Satellite Systems. There he pioneered the first satellite internet service in Asia-Pacific. Earlier he co-founded FAXCAST, the world’s first commercial Group3 facsimile broadcast system – raising over $30M. He earlier worked with British Telecom, Ford Aerospace, Litton Defense Systems, Burroughs Corporation Racal Communications, and Cable & Wireless. Vince is the co-inventor of our patents.

Dave Sturgess

Co-founder, CDO
Dave is Owner/Managing Director of C21 Technology Ltd, UK. C21 designs and delivers unique solutions including data services, delivery mechanisms, process control equipment, and business solutions. C21 has significant expertise in hardware/software design including interface hardware, protocol converters, high-speed data acquisition, transport stream processors, and numerous data pipes operating over both satellite and IP networks. Dave is a co-inventor of our patents.

Eric Hoell

Eric is a technology executive with proven track record of building and leading Product Development, Customer Service, and Operations teams. He has led concept, development and implementation, to full deployment, and has direct experience in health-focused kiosk solution development.

Neeraj Chitra

Director, Software Engineering CyByte Inc.
Neeraj led CyByte into an investment and software development agreement with VideoKall. He has experience in full-stack data, digital practices and database experience in Health, BFSI, Technology, Enterprise, Startup and SMB sectors. He has a BSEE, MS-Information Systems, and an MBA in Finance.

Ines LeBow

Operations Advisor
Ines is a Startup, Scale-up & Turnaround Advisor. She understands our business and is assisting in the pre-revenue to funding initiatives. Ines is a former senior executive in service engineering, development, and delivery.

Board of Advisors

Nancy Gagliano, MD

Chief Medical Advisor
As Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Gagliano supports the development of medical and clinical initiatives. Dr. Gagliano is a healthcare consultant; the former SVP, CVS Health, and Chief Medical Officer, MinuteClinic; and former Senior Vice President of Practice Improvement at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Benjamin Berg, MD

Medical Advisor
As an advisor, Dr Berg has advised in the parameters for one of our AI modules. Dr. Benjamin Berg is a Professor of Medicine, Director at the University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine Medical Simulation Center

David Lee Scher, MD, FACP, FACC, FHRS, FESC

Medical Advisor
As a Medical Advisor, Dr. Scher is responsible for the planning of medical capabilities, devices and services of the telehealth platform. Dr. Scher is a Cardiologist, a Health Consultant, and a Member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Board

Marc Miller, MD

ex-CMO Medical Advisor in enterprise strategy
As Executive Advisor and a consultant to VideoKall, Marc is making contributions to drive growth and strategic enterprise value. Marc is an MD / MBA with Strategic Healthcare Experience. He is an optimistic leader who thrives in the opportunities of strategic change and relationships. He is a former Chief Medical Officer of The Polyclinic and other companies.

I am excited to be involved in this next wave of technology to achieve the value that has eluded others so far.
Nancy Gagliano, MD, Chief Medical Advisor, former Chief Medical Officer CVS Minute Clinics
The micro-clinic model makes a lot of sense and creates a sustainable, scalable economic and brand differentiator for strategic partners.
Marc Miller, MD, Advisor, former CMO, The Polyclinic

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