VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic

VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic in Hospitals

In the USA, ACO's and even regional hospitals are building urgent care centers, and staffing mini-clinics to meet the shift to retail marketing, and more economically serve their constituents, especially as MEDICARE reimbursements are being shifted more toward wellness and less on pay-for-service. Deploying VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic per location is less than 2% of the cost of an urgent care or outpatient clinic. Telehealth is a much lower cost solution for the simpler outpatient needs, even where prescriptions may need to be issued.


In the USA in 2015 there were 120 million Emergency Department visits where patients were not admitted. Possibly up to 33% of these visits may be categorized as those which could have been treated without the patient being physically present with a medical professional. That is almost 40 million Emergency Department visits which could have been eliminated --- if there was an alternative solution. The VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic offers such a solution. It is a small footprint, high-quality construction cabin which can be located in or near a hospital Emergency Department connected by a communications link to a video triage medical call center either in the same hospital or another facility. Low priority patients typically have to wait 2-6 hours in busy periods. Patients can be in/out of the Emergency Department for these conditions in a matter of minutes using a VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic, and some indicate a willingness to pay a premium for the Fast Track service which our cabin provides. All ambulatory patients can self-check-in and be triaged immediately. And for hospitals supporting local retail and corporate locations, VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic at these sites would be more economical for them, the patient and the insurance carrier.

VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic in Retail Locations

High Volume Retailers, Grocery Stores, and Drugstore Chains


The small footprint of the VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic cabin enables it to be located in the most trafficked part of a retail store to raise awareness and attract patients. Ideally the cabin will be branded with the name of a leading hospital which will reassure patients that they are effectively entering an annex of the hospital when they enter the cabin. It is planned that for the first month of operation a customer service representative will be present in the retail store close to the cabin to reassure and orient patients on its capabilities and safety. The VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic cabin is shipped flat packed and installed on site in a matter of hours together with a small VSAT satellite antenna which ensures that the cabin does not occupy bandwidth on the retail outlet internet connection. The VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic cabin has an optional (restaurant style) vibrating pager service which enables patients to carry on shopping, if the cabin is occupied when they first arrived, and be advised as soon as the cabin is available for service.
With many patients per day the cabin will generate significant additional in-store traffic and revenue. It's expected that those using the cabin will spend money in the store on drugs and other commodities, thereby providing an earning multiplier on the cabin presence. This extra traffic is what the retail locations see as a significant benefit.

VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic in Corporate Locations

Companies with 100-500 employees at one location may not find it economical to have a permanently staffed clinic on site. Now there is an Unmanned Micro Clinic - which can be installed on site to provide on-demand healthcare service, reducing the time that staff need to be absent from work for minor ailments and injuries, plus regular wellness checks. All this from a small footprint, continuously sanitized cabin, connected by satellite to the medical call center staffed 24 x 7.

VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic in Rural Locations

In Rural areas, healthcare access can be very difficult. The VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic can serve rural areas, especially where patients may have to travel 1-2 hours to reach doctor or a clinic. This is especially important for monitoring those with chronic illnesses. The satellite connected low cost service makes VideoKall Unmanned Micro Clinic ideal for lower density population areas. In rural areas, location hosts may be eligible for federal grants and corporate sponsorships